Working Relationships Work Both Ways

Freelancers- Back when I was doing a lot of art for small game companies, I occasionally had to deal with an art director treating me like a servant at their beck and call, or not being honest about late payment, or some other act of unprofessionalism.My attitude was always “I don’t need this guy. I’ll still be working long after he’s been fired or his little company goes out of business.” That type of faith in myself has served me well.Many years later, most of those little companies are gone, and the people working for them are doing something else. I’m still here, making it happen. I appreciate art directors that appreciate what I do for them. I’ve pulled numerous all-nighters and worked on vacation or holidays for ADs that understand that sacrifice and show loyalty in return. I used to work with a guy that often told me “Scott, you make me look good.” I appreciated that a lot. He gave me a lot of work. I appreciated that even more. We’re all working our asses off. But if you’re going to kill yourself to make unrealistic deadlines, do it for someone who knows you’re making them look good. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by unprofessional jerks. If you find a good AD that appreciates you- don’t screw that up. Build working relationships with good people, and you can be successful. There’s a lot of good people in the business. Find them and work with them.
That’s a career building tip from Uncle Scott. Good luck, kid. ;)



This is my new cover the the miniatures game Deadzone by Mantic Games. It will be printed as a square box cover and also cropped to be printed as a book cover. Click on the image for a larger view!



Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is a drawing I did for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie licensing art, but I wasn't able to do the finished color rendering because Marvel needed me to start working on Guardians of the Galaxy artwork. So we brought in artist and friend Tyler Walpole to help. I think he did a finished color version based on my drawing.


Insanity of an Artist

[Voice in Head #1] “The job is finished, turned in, and approved. Don’t make that correction. It will take you an hour.”
[Voice in Head #2] “But we can make it better!”
[Voice in Head #1] “It’s going to be published the other way anyway.”
[Voice in Head #2] “But we can make it better!”
[Voice in Head #1] “Even if you post it online, nobody in the world will notice the difference.”
[Voice in Head #2] “But we’ll notice. We’ll know.”

Scott makes the correction


Ultron art

Here's a piece of Ultron art I did last year for Age of Ultron merchandise. I figure it's safe to show it now. :)