Looking back

Here's an old ink piece i did around 2001. It was done with brush and crowquill on Bristol. I love working in this style, but its very time consuming and not very good for deadlines, so I was never able to pursue it as much as I wanted to.


New Opportunities

For the last 4 years I've enjoyed an exclusive agreement with Marvel Characters, Inc. which kept me very busy, but would not allow me to work for other clients. On January 1st that will change and I will be a freelancer again. :)

This does not mean my relationship with Marvel is ending. I will continue to work with Marvel's Creative Department and do artwork for their products and merchandise. I love working for them and they have treated me very well over the years. I plan to keep working with them for as long as they want me.

What this does mean is I'll have new opportunities and freedom to take on other projects. I'll be able to go back to my first love and illustrate novel covers, comic covers, books, games, trading cards, and anything else I want in addition to the product art I'm doing for Marvel. This is something I'm really looking forward to. I expect to continue to be very busy with Marvel merchandise, but I'm eager to tackle other other projects as they present themselves. Its going to be an exciting new year!



Happy Thanksgiving Spider-Man!

Watching the Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition here in the U.S., and from 1987-1998 one of the most popular balloons in the Parade was everyone's favorite wallcrawler.

But this old guy has been retired for over a decade, and for years Spidey fans have been requesting to get him back in the parade. This year Macy's announced the return of Spider-Man, and I was thrilled to play a small role in the new, redesigned balloon.


 After Marvel gave instructions and diagrams to Macy's for the new style and pose, Macy's then sculpted this clay model. Photos were taken from 6 angles and given to me.



Taking these photos, it was my job to create his costume. I digitally painted over the each angle  in Photoshop so the balloon manufacturer would have a complete full color model to work from. It wasn't as easy as it sounds, though. It was crucial that I be consistent with every detail so there were no inconsistencies between camera angles. All of the red parts of his costume had to hit the exact same body points. I had to think in 3 dimensions, making sure the web design wrapped around every curve of the head, neck, and shoulders in a way that made sense. Continuity from image to image was key. If, for instance, his boot had 8 horizontal scalloping lines in one view, I needed to make sure there were 8 scalloping lines in all other 5 views.

After the costume was approved, I had one final part: the announcement artwork. Marvel wanted advertising, but the actual balloon wasn't made yet. So we had to create something. Marvel provided me with some photographic elements from a previous parade, which I had to doctor/modify a bit. Then I dropped in my "front view" image of Spider-Man and did some surface painting to make him appear more glossy and "balloon-like". This was the image that was distributed to the press to advertise the return of Spidey to the parade.

The new Spider-Man will be the first giant balloon in the parade tomorrow morning. So tune in early to check him out!



Spider-Man Artwork!

I've added the first of my Marvel Artwork Galleries! The Spider-Man gallery features a sample of the Web-Head art I've worked on over the last few years for merchandise, toys, products, and advertising. Check it out! Spider-Man Gallery




Scott on Facebook

I've started a Facebook artist page, which will be a companion to this website and contain much of the same material. Basically its just an easy way for people who frequent Facebook to keep tabs on me. I plan to add a lot of new artwork to this website gallery and the Facebook gallery in the next 2 months.




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