Spider-Man Artwork!

I've added the first of my Marvel Artwork Galleries! The Spider-Man gallery features a sample of the Web-Head art I've worked on over the last few years for merchandise, toys, products, and advertising. Check it out! Spider-Man Gallery




Scott on Facebook

I've started a Facebook artist page, which will be a companion to this website and contain much of the same material. Basically its just an easy way for people who frequent Facebook to keep tabs on me. I plan to add a lot of new artwork to this website gallery and the Facebook gallery in the next 2 months.





New look at an old Thor

I did a Thor image for Marvel several months ago, but was never 100% satisfied with it even though it got approval from Marvel. So I recently went back on my own time and reworked it significantly. I'll do this every once and awhile to placate my obsessive tendencies. This one had been bugging me for some time, but now I'm happy with it.





Iron Man

I just sold the original drawing to this Iron Man movie merchandise artwork. On the left is the pencil & inkwash original, and on the right is the version I colored and corrected in Photoshop. Its an early version of the armor, so it doesn't match the final armor seen in the first Iron Man film.






Batman inks

I decided to ink the Batman drawing because its been forever since I picked up a real inkbrush. I'm WAY out of practice. Anyway, here is the final product.


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