Elizabeth Olsen cast as Scarlet Witch

I just heard Elizabeth Olsen will play the Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2. Here's a quick head sketch of her with the headpiece.


Agent Coulson


Iron Man 3 art

Some of my work (figure only, someone else did the background) appearing in a Sideshow Collectable advertisement.


Sho Nuff!

Just a little fun sketch.


Cover pencils & Inkwash

I don't have a lot of my cover drawings scanned because it's a pain to do. The originals are usually much bigger than my scanner, so I have to scan the image in 4 sections, rotate each piece and line up them all to match each other, and then stitch them all together in Photoshop. This is difficult because the scanner slightly distorts each image, making it virtually impossible to get all the pieces to line up properly. Its a real pain.

Here's one I recently scanned in (its only 11x14, so I could scan it in only 2 sections). This was for a book cover published by Palladium Books. On the color cover, the background was created digitally. I went back to the original drawing and later added inkwash to create a similar background and add blacks and additional shading.


   Original drawing with inkwash added digital color cover



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