Welcome Back, Steve Rogers!

Another drawing pulled from my archives, this one was done for a HERO Initiative charity auction a couple years ago.


Evolution of Iron Man Promo Art

Adi Granov and I both worked on the merchandise and promo artwork for the first Iron Man film. Since Adi was working closely with Marvel Studios creating the concept designs for the armor, I was asked to match his style and design as closely as possible. It was a challenging process, since I was working while the concepts were being hashed out and the armor details were changing weekly. I often had no clue how the armor looked from one camera angle to the next, so I just guessed. There were a lot of back-tracking and revisions done after artwork was completed. This is a step-by-step examination of how one of the promo pieces came to be.



Pic #1- This is Adi Granov's cover art for issue #76 of the Iron Man comic book. I was asked to recreate this image using the movie version of Iron Man.

Pic#2- This is my pencil and inkwash drawing of the pose. Before starting I was asked to make the legs longer, but other than that, match the original cover. Like all the other poses I did for this project, it was challenging since the armor design was still in development at the time and there was some guesswork required on my end.

Pic #3- After scanning my drawing into Photoshop, I did the digital color work. At this point, we found out  that his glove opened up to reveal some electronics underneath, and my Art Director wanted to show that function. So I made the changes to his gauntlet digitally. There was some concern over the position of his head. My A.D. felt it looked a bit detached and unnatural, so I played with the angle a bit to try and make it work better.

Pic #4- After many attempts to improve the head position, we just replaced it with the head from another illustration (by Adi). It was nice to see his head art and my body art sync up so nicely, stylistically. I then took the art from the comic book cover, removed the original figure and replaced it with the new one. Then I digtally painted over the figure to make it look natural with the background, adding the proper lighting, shadows, and details like flying rubble and cracking floor where needed.

This final image was made into downloadable computer wallpaper as well as other promotional uses. Most of the Iron Man movie merchandise and toys featured artwork by either Adi or me, but sometimes, like in this instance, it was combination of both.


Fantasy Football payout sketch #2

Here's another commission for losing a fantasy football head-to-head matchup. This one features Hellboy vs. Ghost Rider, requested by Around Comics listener Dan Corbett, aka Papercut.




My Art on IGN


Fantasy Football payout sketch #1

A couple years ago I played in the Around Comics fantasy football league, and I did free commissions for each loss I had in the season. This was Brion Salazar's request, Black Adam from DC Comics. Since I grew up being a Marvel zombie, I had never heard of this character before doing the drawing.