I'm Batman

Since almost all of my work is digital these days, I miss sitting down at the old drafting table and drawing with a real pencil. Here's a Batman I did for fun today. I drew it on a scrap piece of Bristol I found in a drawer. Its about 8"x13".





Motion Capture Sketch

Here's my first attept at a quick motion capture sketch. It runs about 2 min. 40 sec.




Most of the work that I do is completely digital painted, with no pencil or ink lines showing through or holding the color together. That's what Marvel wants for their merchandise, so that's what I give them. For many years, though, I was strictly a black & white, ink-line artist. I LOVE to ink. And I really miss doing it because I never get the chance anymore. Every once in awhile I take the time to ink something just for fun (and usually disappointed in the results because I'm so out of practice. Need to ink more!) Depicted here are two versions of Wolverine that I for Marvel, and the other for myself. The color version is being used for toy packaging. The inked one is probably in a drawer somewhere here in my office.









Super Hero Squad

When Hasbro was developing their Marvel Super Hero Squad toy line, I was one of many artists asked to do a version of the characters so they could decide what style they wanted. For this image I borrowed the background from a more realistic scene that I had previously done for Marvel.



I did a lot of Hulk movie merchandise/toy artwork, and here is an early attempt at the Abomination. At the time my only reference were some dark, low resolution cgi test pics. I'm not sure if this art was ever used for the merchandise. Below is my initial pencil sketch and the final digital color done in Photoshop.