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Comics Experience: Intro to Digital Painting


Hey everyone! Big News! I am REALLY excited to announce that I am teaming up with the COMICS EXPERIENCE to teach a new online art course! This is a great opportunity for people interested in learning the art of digital painting. Also, expect me to be a relentless shill for the next month.   So do me a favor and please help spread the news!

Jump into the world of digital painting with 20-year veteran illustrator Scott Johnson! This intensive course tackles both sides of digital art. Each week you will learn basic art lessons that can be applied to any medium, as well as digital techniques specific to painting in Photoshop with a pressure sensitive tablet.

During this 6-week course, the art lessons will teach you how to render realistic looking objects by understanding light and shadow, color theory, and surface textures. Drawings will be provided for you to paint over so you don’t have to worry about that part of the process. At the same time, you will learn how to use a pressure sensitive tablet combined with Photoshop to create amazing works of art! Each week multiple tools and techniques specific to digital painting will be explained and demonstrated, as well as time-saving tips and tricks to help you work as efficiently as possible.

Here's a link to the Course Listing: http://www.comicsexperience.com/intro-digital-painting.html

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