About the Artist

 Scott Johnson has been a professional sci-fi/fantasy/superhero artist for over two decades. He began his career in 1994 doing artwork for tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and BattleTech/MechWarrior. He was also a regular artist for the Mage: The Ascension RPG by White Wolf game studio. However, his most popular work was for Rifts and other games from Palladium Books like Heroes Unlimited, Nightbane, and the Palladium Fantasy RPG. His iconic art for the Rifts Ultimate Edition main rulebook was nominated for the Ennie award for best book cover, and included in Spectrum 13: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.


In 2003-2004 Scott worked on a series of Warhammer 40k book covers for Games Workshop. This included the cover for Daemonifuge, widely considered to be one of the greatest Warhammer 40k graphic novels ever published. Around the same time he began freelancing for Marvel Entertainment, doing super hero artwork for their licensed merchandise, toys and movie promotional material.

In 2005 Marvel Characters Inc. signed Scott to an exclusive contract, making him a full time Marvel artist for their MCU movie licensed products. It was the first such contract ever to be offered by Marvel Characters to a freelance artist. This exclusive arrangement lasted a remarkable 10 years.


 Scott is currently freelancing again, but still enjoys a strong working relationship with Marvel doing art for their many toys and merchandise. He has also been working directly with Hasbro Inc. creating art for their Spider-Man action figures and other toys. In addition, he has recently enjoyed a return to his tabletop gaming roots by creating two new game box covers for Deadzone and Star Saga published by Mantic Games.